Need some more help with tribute page

I am still working on the Tribute page. I did all that I’m suppose to do but I am stuck on 9/10. I was wondering if there was a bug in the CDN link.
I center the image inside of its parent element and all those other stuff .

Could I share my CodePen link before I finished the test?

I would suggest posting your codepen link so we can see the problem for ourselves and better assist you.

The last two tests are the ones that trip most people up.

You just have to keep opening up the test suite and reading the full error message which provides hints on how to solve the problem.

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Thank you very much for coming to my help but anyway I was playing around with it and I figured it out by myself, but once again thank you.

Here is the link of the finish project but anyway I will continue working on it just because I had great admiration for the 44th president.

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are you still having issues with the project?

Yeah I got it but I will have to come back and make it look better when i finish the last two freecodecamp projects

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