Need suggestions for classes on android development

Are there any good courses on here for unity?

you could check this

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The mit app inventor looks really similar to their scratch.
It looks like a great tool to teach programming to kids but you will probably be able to do more with a professional game engine like unity

so I should stop making the game I started with it?

You don’t have to.
It’s your project.
You just need to know what the end goal is.

Depending on how advanced your project is going to be you will probably want a more advanced game engine.

It sounds like this is just a small hobby project which is fine.
If you want to build it out first and test and see if you want to add more complex functionalities then you might find that unity will give you more options.

Only you can make that call though.

I was following a tutorial and I can’t find a block

I don’t understand what you mean.

the tutorial want’s me to use a certain block but I can’t find it

I am sure the blocks have names. So I would just google how to find that block name and see what comes up from the results.

I did and I got not much

Well I would keep digging on google.
Or I am sure there has to be some sort of documentation you can read for MIT App inventor on their site somewhere.

whey have a forum so I asked where it is there

Found it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You can learn android app development from online classes. Many videos and lectures are available on youtube and other education panels.

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Pls can u send me the link.Thank you

look interesting. and they have big discounts now!