Need your feedback for this. Personal portfolio

Here is link

Looks nice, but you have to fix responsiveness. Check for your mistakes here.

I do not know exactly how to do this

You should use bootstrap classes like col-|xs|/|sm|/|md|-1-12 depending how big certain element should be
Remember that you can use more than one class for this so for example ceratin element can be <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-10 col-md-8>
xs for smartphones, sm for tablets, md for bigger screens

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then go watch this video to understand basics of responsiveness with bootstrap. Or go again through curriculum’s bootstrap session.

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I needed this website in my life.

its possible make one button to appear small on XS screen and large on LG screen?

i love the background photo is it your own?

No its not my photo i find it on Google

To make button smaller just add additional class btn-sm for example. Here is the link so you can get better understanding. If you want your button to appear only on large screens just add class of visible-lg. In the video i linked in my post above you have more info about this too. Happy coding!

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