Needing help with Python learning

Hello Everyone,

I am starting to learn Py and I was wondering if there were any resources here at: ‘’ that would allow me to learn it properly?

I used the curriculum option to learn HTMl and CCS (Currently working on JavaSacript) and I thought that the modules delivery was incredible and I wanted to know if there was something like that for Python.

Thank you in advance

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FCC does not currently teach Python. If you use the search feature of this forum, you can find several posts where people recommend books and websites for learning Python.

I could suggest you to buy course on Udemy I am giving the link below. I already taken that course I find it very helpful, I would highly recommend you to go for that course!

I am just learning python as well and I found this youtube video/course (5 hours) very useful for a beginner. good luck

Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners

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Hello can I get the materials please?

It has been a while but I found “A byte of Python” extremely helpful. It is a free ebook by Swaroop and can be found here:

Good luck!

MIT has a great beginner course that teaches computer science with python!
I highly recommend this as a jumping off point for various reasons:
it teaches you computer science and programing paradigms that help you understand why you have to code a certain way, its self paced with videos, handouts, plenty of interactive lessons that you actually get graded on, it is taught by an MIT professor, ALOS ITS FREE!!!

protip: the suggested textbook IS optional, but pdf versions of it are available.

For someone completely new to Python or at the beginner level, I would strongly recommend online classes. Indeed for me, it works well, 'cause I can watch it when I am not working… This website made available a selection of free and paid tutorials that are really helpful Hope it helps/

If you are beginner at learning python I would recommend the book Python Crash Course 2nd Edition Which has been released on previous month. So you will find the latest python on this book.