Netlify Deployment Issue

I am building on a basic react app with css and keep receiving this issue here:

The issue zoomed in:
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 7.51.41 AM

Ive tried googling it and asking chat gpt, but havent had any luck. I have the netlify.toml file in my app which I thought was the original problem when I didnt have it. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction on whats going on? I dont think copy and pasting my code would help so I am hoping my git hub repo will suffice. If not please let me know what code I should add, although I think directories are the main point to maybe see if there is an issue there? idk.

Repo: GitHub - DeBoer753/cbm-APP

Edit: You need to fix all the ESLint warnings as they are treated as errors. Doing that lets me deploy the code.

Treating warnings as errors because process.env.CI = true.

If you click the error does it not twirl open and give you more information?

You shouldn’t need the toml file.

I didn’t test it but you have an extremely large file (morningMode.png is 18 megs) which can cause the deployment to fail.

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When you say ""You need to fix all the ESLint warnings “”, do you mean I need to go in my code via VS code and get rid of ES Lint warnings which is what you had done to get it to deploy? Or do you mean I need to follow what the drop down errors say?

A little late, but yes, you need to fix the warnings in the code.

Do you mean these warnings here? If not I cant find any esLint warnigns in my code. Im curious to know what you changed for you to be able to deploy it.

Your editor should have had a bunch of warnings. Your code on GitHub as it is now deploys just fine for me.

Yep, I saw what you meant! thanks so much!

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