New and looking for constructive feedback on my projects

Hi Campers, Just completed my HTML/CSS challenges and looking to improve. They are pretty basic, so I’m looking to improve them. Just started JS, so I will upgrade and polish them after I complete the challenges.

Here’s the link to my portolio page:
My other projects are linked in the portfolio.

:sunglasses: Looking forward to read your replies!

In the lessons we did go over usser friendliness. If I where you i would go over the colour blindness lessons once again and see if your site match that :3

Thanks! I forgot about that, my color schemes are a bit reckless.

I would suggest making an image grid for the projects, maybe a two-column grid that stacks to one-column at lower screen sizes. If you google image grid css I’m sure there are many examples.

One quick option would be to give all the projects a new grid container and move the grid from #project-container to it.

<div id="project-container">
  <div class="project-container-grid">
	...all projects
#project-container {
  align-items: center;
  background-color: #010E2B; 
  box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px black;
  padding: 20% 0 20% 0; 

.project-container-grid {
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, minmax(450px, 1fr));
  grid-gap: 2rem;
  max-width: 1280px;
  margin: auto;
/* the old margin that was on this is now grid-gap on the container instead */
.project-tile {
  padding: 1%;

Thank you, I will look it up and implement it @lasjorg