New in JavaScript

I feel I’m lonely and I’m looking for my ways around. Sometimes I feel like crying spending hours on one topic.

I’m learning JavaScript I’m stuck

I do sometimes feel dumb whenever I learn new Javascript (or programming) things. Days ago I did not immediately get how Promises work but after some testing and application I somewhat have a foundational grasp of it (no expert though).

Looking back at when I first dived into Javascript, the thing that has kept me forward is constant application of the concepts I’ve been exposed to (e.g. building projects, concept testing).

I would sometimes forget some but in turn I would search it on the Web either reading (or skimming) an article or video about it.

Learning how to use Javascript (or any other programming language) is hard, but not impossible.

Take your time to understand and apply what you’ve learned. Hope this helped you in some way…

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Hey bro, youre not alone. The javascript course is really frustrating and puts a lot of pressure on learners,
but as Connor Mcgreggor said, “Pressure makes diamonds”, so dont give up all you need to do is take breaks when things get really hard but do not derail, stay on this path and you will surely prevail. Happy coding!!!

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Thanks for your kind words.

Thanks for your help

That’s when you know that you’re finally a programmer.

Seriously, HTML and CSS are powerful and useful, but they aren’t “real” programming. JS - that’s when you’re in the crap.

Yeah, it gets frustrating, especially when you’re learning. There were definitely times when I felt like giving up. It’s hard stuff - that’s why it pays well. It takes time and work.

Even now that I’ve been a professional JS programmer for 5 years, there are still times when I can’t figure out how to do something. I spend an hour reading documentation and stack overflow articles. Then I go for a walk and smoke my pipe. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with an idea. Sometimes it even takes a few days.

Just stick with it. Don’t assume that this is easy for everyone else. And remember that you don’t have to memorize all of it - google is your best friend. Learn concepts, google the details.


HI @Ifeanyi_chrus1 !

Welcome to the forum!

What you are going through is completely normal and most people learning programming the first time have experienced what you are experiencing.

When I first started learning JavaScript back in 2020, I struggled with a lot of the concepts too.
As I got into the more advanced concepts and algorithms sections, it was hard for me to learn how to break down the problems and find a solution.
I would also spend a lot of time on the challenges and kept hitting break walls with the wrong answer.

But I ended up staying the course, reading more articles, practicing more, researching, and over time things started to make sense.

Now I work as a professional developer and solve problems using JavaScript everyday.

My main advise is to take it day by day and keep trying because eventually it will click :+1:


Thanks for your kind words

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