New opensource project for starters

Hello everyone,

Since it is sometimes hard to make PR on github, i thought maybe we could start a project where we could show our components, get familiar with git. I prepared the layout, file structure.

Also i am willing to make documentation(installation part is kinda ready) to ease the process for new friends that are willing to join.

Any ideas/fixes are welcome, long story short let’s try to grow this bigger, as it gets bigger face the problems together.

if you have any further questions or see missing things in the documentation, have trouble with installation please feel free to contact me.

github repo:
deployed app:
Slack channel:

Kind regards.

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Sounds interesting, I’m down to work in an open source project but it would be nice if there was something specific to do rather than just to create random components. I really like the idea of using React and Bootstrap though.

Maybe we can create a site to help people with open source projects (or any other topic, heck, it could even be any kind of web application really), we could have a mockup for the layout or just make it up as we go along.

BTW, I’m currently working on a e-commerce web application, I could definitely use hand there. I’m just saying this in case that you’d like to work as a team and have that in your resume as much as I do. Of course, I’m keeping an eye on this topic to see how things develope.

After reading your suggestions;

i agree that we should create a real project however the issue i am facing is, this project should provide infinite PRs. Working only with components was the idea of isolation of each component, so we could have infinite components, thus infinite PRs.

Yesterday after your post, i was thinking of making an app that would list closest restaurants (using google’s api) or listing missing people around the world. Our issue here would be this project “must” keep things simple, since this is a platform for starters. So we really should avoid complex codes.

Today i will be thinking on this if some nice idea pops in your mind (or anyone’s mind) please let’s share and do it together.

Kind regards.


Now in my mind things are going better, but in reality i am really not sure how will the project will change over time. Currently considering Gilbert’s ideas something popped in my head; Collaborative Blog ! aaaaand a Stranger Things section for the problems that we find interesting.

This way we can:
1- Make infinite PRs
2- Keep the structure clean, understandable
3- Read other starters struggles, solutions

I think now this project is at a point that we can get our hands dirty and play around, i am looking forward for any reviews, suggestions.

Please note; i believe if people likes this idea this project is going to change a lot. I will try to make some mockups as Gilbert advised however i need some time for it but i am currently working in a software company i will try to make it when i find time, or any help would be appreciated as well.

Kind regards.

If the idea is to provide infinite pull requests, creating components would be one approach. I guess we could create a mini library of resuable components? We could create the React component and show the code snippet (for both the style and Javascript code) and a brief explanation of its functionality with an example. This sounds like something people can actually use.

I’ve never worked in an open source project myself, so something simple works for me as well, but I’m willing to go the extra mile if I can work in an open source project that I can use on my resume.

That sounds interesting, I would love to work on something like that.

you are totally right!

that mini library thing sounds great since it can really be useful, let’s go for that extra mile too! So;

1- Blog is going to be changed to components again.
2- I’am planning to put a link under the about section, get a google maps api key to start that extra mile project.

Since it should be beginner friendly, we should start with something very simple. I for instance have never worked in a project doing PRs, so I would like to get comfortable with it.

Maybe we can start with the mockup of the general layout, etc.

Well i think this is the easiest way to get comfortable with PRs, we have to document this well so installation part is okay, but to make it even more simple we will have to document a step by step guide to create a new link to a new component. i will work on this.

So this should be the easiest layout for a new component. I will try to document what is needed to add a component now. Can’t think of an easier way :slight_smile:

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By the way @oytuntutun, when you reply on this post please try to tag me or reply to one of my posts so I can get a notification and follow along.

The project looks like a very good idea, hopefully more people will jump in. We could have a slack chat, I’d like to help you out with this.


Slack was a great idea and it got setup. Our url is:

So far it seems fine to me and yeah i think we are ready to do some commits as we want. I’ve also added some comments in the code about the documented code so steps should be really easy. Even if we want do replace/remove/add a thing it is at our finger tips.

Let’s see what we can do,

alrighty i think this is playable by any starter now. If anyone has any questions i can support over whatsapp, email, slack. If you think there are some missing information you can edit or you can send me a message, email etc…