New RWD : A concept is not explained

In step 7 of Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form , we are asked to set the height of the body element to 100vh. However, the unit vh was never introduced in earlier lessons and there is no explanation given at this step too.

Edit: As I continued through the course, I stumbled upon another unexplained unit rem in step 14

There should have been an explanation as to what these units are, because it was never mentioned in earlier lessons.

I will move this conversation to #contributors if other learners agree that there should have been an explanation and I’ll raise an issue in GitHub if the consensus there is the same.

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I would suggest going ahead and creating the two issues if there aren’t open issues already for this.

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Sure, I just wanted to filter it here in the forums before to prevent spamming the GitHub issues page.

I moved your post over to the contributors section.

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