New to freeCodeCamp

Hello I’m Dunta’, and I am new to freeCodeCamp. I joined recently because I wanted to pick up a hobby and learning to create an app is something that came to mind. As a complete novice, I’m searching for a starting point; if there is anyone here that can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.


Welcome to the fCC community. I’m glad to see you embark on a new journey. You mentioned you had a desire to create an app. I am going to say start by learning Git, and GitHub. This is version control of your app, as well as a place to keep all your repositories.
While you learn Git, and GitHub, you can start with a basic language, Try using fCC curriculum and build a small project to get your feet wet. We look forward to witnessing your growth.

-Happy Coding!


I would also suggest to search for “how to use freecodecamp effectively” in YT, there are quite a few really amazing videos to refer and take notes.

All the very best in your learning journey.


freeCodeCamp’s curriculum is designed to be done in order. Start at the top of the page and keep going for as long as you’re interested.

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Quick question. Is Git or GitHub on the FCC platform?

Hey even with wanting to focus on app development; should I start from the top option go in order?

freeCodeCamp doesn’t have material that is specifically related to native app development.

You’re always welcome to try out any courses in any order, but the way they are written will always assume that you already understand the material covered in previous courses. For example, you will not be able to complete the JavaScript course if you do not understand HTML.


You can try checking out these on YouTube (freeCodeCamp channel)

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For Mobile App Development ( React Native library based ), I would suggest below path

  1. HTML & CSS => build projects

  2. JS => build projects

  3. React => build projects

  4. React Native => build projects ( You will need Mac Laptop for this though )

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Thank You. I’m looking forward to starting on this journey. Can I reach out to you if I need anything else?

Thank You. If I need anything, I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. I’ll help you anyvway I can. If I can’t then let’s figure it out together via finding a resource, or the right people. Let’s do this. :handshake: -Happy Coding!

Excellent suggestion!