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I am not able to find out where I can start my test.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Take a closer look at the instructions.

To pass the test on this challenge, change your h1 element’s text to say “Hello World”.

Simply change text Hello to Hello World.

Then hit Run the Test button in green.

Thank you so much for your help. That is what I am confused at. I don’t know where H1 element text is? I clicked everywhere but it is not responding.

This is your H1 element text. Which is surrounded by your H1 tags.

I see this it but I am not able to edit it. I wish I could send you a screen shot of my page. Nowhere on the page it allows me to edit/type.

First, you’ll start by building a simple web page using HTML. You can edit code in your code editor , which is embedded into this web page.

I can’t find the code editor on the web page. It says it is embedded.

Your page should be divided into 3 windows. Left is instructions. Right is output. Middle is your code editor.