Newbie issues with clickable pictures

Hi All,

Newbie here still struggling with a basic site.

I want to add 3 product pictures underneath the paragraph with clickable links to other pages. When I try it I can’t get the pictures in the center and with the footer below them. Can someone help? Here’s the codepen link. I took the pictures out so I I could learn in a basic way rather than trying to fix what I had put in.

Have you tried to add a div with a class of “row”? also you can can add a link to the picture itself. Just a thought. Here’s a link you might find helpful. Happy coding!

yeh I can add the picture and add a link but the 3 pics drift to the left.

I’m working the bootstrap section in FCC now, but don’t really understand it or how I could add it in my page

if you use a div with a class of row and another div with the class of col-xs-3 it should do the trick. you can take a look at my profile project on codepen. Hope that helps.