Night mode on new coding curriculum?


Excellent job with the new curriculum. It looks great and I can’t wait to get going with it.

I can see that on the new version of freecodecamp, you can select a night mode, but not when you go to the coding curriculum on - is this something that is going to be added soon? I find that quite helpful, lots of white is not too easy on the eyes for me.

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A night mode hasn’t been implemented yet for the new site. It’s coming soon.

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I was wondering the same thing.
when is the night move for going to be available?

As has been said dozens of times, FCC does not have a dark theme yet but it will soon. The UI will continue to having rolling improvements. You also have the power to take control over the way websites, including FCC, are displayed. Some extensions, like Stylish, already have community-uploaded themes for the new FCC, or you can go ahead and use the skills FCC taught you to take control of your experience.

So far, if white is very disturbing for your eyes, you could use an extension for your browser and change the colors for the freecodecamp site only.

I think there’s an extension called style not or something.