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Nikema’s Portfolio(first version)

I changed it up a bit and used a different framework. Any feedback is welcome.

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I think it looks great. I’m working on my “real” portfolio now too, as opposed to the one I made for the project, and I had been trying to figure out how to make the collapsed menu disappear when you click and I learned that from looking at your page, so thanks. :smile:

The only thing I see from design end is I think it’d look better if the “iOS Dev * Designer” bit wrapped as a unit when the viewport gets too small for the whole thing to be on the same line as your name.

Thanks for the detailed suggestion. I thought I tested for that. I worked from the top down. So I should be able to fix that now. I know more than I did when I first started.

It looks great, but I think you need to work with fonts and typography

Thanks for taking a look. Could you be more specific about fonts and typography? Is it because I used one font family?

I’m kinda biased to the first version (I like all the colors), but that’s me. :blush: I think it gives your sections more of a visual break from each other. Not a designer here. (You’ve seen my portfolio… :confused: ).

I do think a thumbnail for the tribute page would be good to keep if you intend to use that for your portfolio. The thumbnail from your first version only shows a picture of Ms. Copeland though. If you could get a miniaturized screenshot of that page (terminology is failing me), that would be ideal.

Thanks for the feedback. You gave me some things to consider. I actually had the same thoughts and it’s good to hear an outside opinion. It’s hard to step back and evaluate your own work.