No idea! Don't know what to do

Hello, my fellow campers,

I have been think of starting a project, “Building a Book Store Website using html, css and js”.

I started by creating a logo, and designing nav bar in figma.
When i came to slider portion, i have no idea how the slider is going to be.
I searched google and found null.

Can someone help in this??
Also can someone say how to became a writer in freeCodeCamp’s news??

All helps are welcomed

If you would like to be one of the developer authors for Free Code Camp News, you can find everything you need to know in the Publication Style Guide, or read here about how to contribute to freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can find everything else about contributing to Free Code Camp in the contributing docs.


Hi @codely !

If you are referring to an image slider, I received a lot of results when I googled it.

Was there an issue with the articles and videos found in the google search?

For the application process, you are going to have to submit three articles you are have written.

Take your time with writing these articles.
I took a couple of months drafting a few articles before deciding on which three I was going to submit for the application.

Also make sure the study the articles on FCC news.

Obviously, every single author is going to have their own voice but pay close attention to what types of articles make it to the publication.

You want to create content that is engaging for readers.

My articles focus on my journey learning how to code.

I just try to be honest and relatable.
Storytelling can be a very powerful tool.

Lastly, proof read your articles.
FCC news gets a lot of submissions and not everyone is going to be accepted.

Reread through your work a few times. Have friends and family take a look at it before you submit it.

Hope that helps!

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Where to host the three articles?

I have a dropbox account so I just used that.

You can also google for other options too.
Maybe google drive?

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can you give a link to one of your three articles??

You could also leverage something like or medium or any other “blogging” platform to post a few articles, get feedback, and “test the waters”.


I think that is a great idea.

@codely you could submit those articles for the application but there is a cause in the application that says FCC will only publish exclusive content.

If you are accepted as an author you wouldn’t be able to reuse those same articles for FCC News.

But it would be good practice to get feedback.


If you go to FCC News my latest article is up.

If you click on my name, then you can read the other articles I have written.

Also, in the future you might want to separate your two questions.

Your first question was about an image slider while your second question was concerning fcc news.

It would be better in the future to separate those two topics since they are very different from each other.

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can you give a link to one of your three articles which is on your dropbox???

The first two articles were from my dropbox.