No ticks on d3.scaleLinear()

Hi. Im working on the d3 Bar chart and Im stuck with my y axis. My data are floats in an array called gdp.

I define my y axis like this:

const y = d3.scaleLinear()
                .range([0, svgHeight])
Than I call it like this:  
            const yAxe = ySVG.append("g")
                .attr("id", "y-axis")

I tried to add .ticks(10) to first piece of code (even the second) but I don’t see them. Strangely, this solution passes the ticks test. (number 4). I looked on several d3 tutorials and topics here and tried suggested solutions. I still have no idea, why I don`t see any ticks.

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Challenge: Visualize Data with a Bar Chart

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Have you translated the axis into the root svg element bounds? If not you won’t see it, even if it’s in the DOM, it will be clipped by the area of the root svg.

Probably not. I will try to do it. Thank you very much.