Node exercise error, plz help

Im tryng to complete the " Modify the myApp.js file to log “Hello World” to the console." Exercise but the error crazy
See this:

Challenge: Meet the Node console

Link to the challenge:

What’s the error? Did you modify anything else on the boilerplate?

It was happening as if I hadn’t put the console.log correctly, but I gave an npm i and then npm start and it ran correctly in the replit, I sent the link again to freeCodeCamp and the console.log('Hello World) was still not recognized ');

Can you provide a link to your project code on

Of course my friend, I’m advancing on the questions even though they don’t count because I’ve tried everything to fix this and nothing.

here:boilerplate-express - Replit

Your project passes the challenge when I submit the live project url after forking your project. You just need to go to the Node console and run npm install and then you should be able to click Run and get the live url to submit.

I’m trying this but for me my project is not accepted for the challenge even with these steps.

I managed to solve it, thanks a lot for the help.