Node in VSC terminal freezes

have a problem with a node in the VSC terminal, on example, I put console.log(“Hello World”) not important what is it, when I want to run that code in terminal I type node (filename) end press enter, it should display code but instead, it freezes, there is no error or anything it just freezes, I tried to deinstall VSC and install it again it not help, but it helped when reinstalling node but I can’t reinstall it every time that happens, here is printscreen

Hm I’m also using node on windows, i know programming in windows OS is prone to more problems, i’m not sure if your windows environments are messed up (google how to install node.js on window).
Other than that, I have never had a similar problem, and we can’t read your full new.js file of code nor can we read your exact error prior to the frozen moment.

My best guess is your installation is messed up, so google it. Also this is only if by “it helped” you mean on re-installation of NODE you run this EXACTly the same file once → and it works → and then fails when you try to run it the 2nd time?

it is not rule when it freezes it not depend on how exactly times i run it it freezes on random, in the picture it freesed first time also but I command ctrl+C so it looks like it freezed secon time it is not, just when ctrl+C it let my try again to run file but still freezes, thank for advice next time it freezes i’ll try install it again on googles recommandations

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