Node.js does not recognize Firebase command outside of project folder

…even though it was installed globally.
I successfully hosted an app on Firebase, which required the installation of Firebase Tools from NPM on Node. Now I’m trying to add another project (just a quick sample project following a tutorial) on a different folder and Firebase is not recognized, even though it was installed globally (-g). I am using Windows 10 with the latest version of Node.js and I am banging my head on a table. I hate command lines so much and trying to find a solution online is quickly making me want to throw hammers at my laptop. If anyone has an answer to this baffling problem please let me know. I have very little Node skills (very limited CLI experience for that matter). Thanks

What’s listed if you run the following command?

npm ls -g --depth=0

I will try that in a bit and let you know. Currently not at home - I was just taking a moment to vent my frustrations at a problem I’ve been having for two days. I’ll let you know in about an hour. Thank you kindly.

When you say “Firebase is not recognised, even though it is installed globally” do you mean that you are unable to import/require it into your project?

If so, it reads like you are not actually installing the Firebase node module for your project—Firebase Tools is the CLI for working with Firebase; if I’m not mistaken, you still need to install the firebase module (npm install --save firebase) for your project even if you have the CLI installed.

It shows the following:

+-- firebase-tools@3.17.4
+-- Node-sass@4.5.3
`-- npm@5.6.0

You’ve already lost me. I just followed the instructions in the Firebase docs. From what I understood I installed the CLI and from there I can do things globally. Get started for web brings you here: Firebase web setup

So I just did npm install --save firebase and I’m still getting the following message: firebase’ is not recognized as an internal or external command when I try anything like for example firebase login.

Ah, I confused myself and I thought you were referring to it not being recognised in the project, so installing the Firebase module (npm install --save firebase) wouldn’t have helped at all. *Scratch head*

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firebase Tools?

I will have to try that tomorrow. Pretty much done for today. Thanks for helping me out.