Node.js use case


I’m really new at this. I’m wondering how I can use the things I’ve worked on in the Advanced Node section of our curriculum. I am looking to write a server.js file run a chat server at the work intranet. It needs to work offline and I cannot install node.js in the host computer. Is this possible? Here I am assuming that the required functionality is built into Chrome.


Well, it will need to run on a server somewhere. You need to figure out the architecture at work and what languages could work. The other option might be to host it externally - sites like heroku will let you do it for free.

You can’t run a chat server offline unless everyone using it is sitting at the same computer the chat server is running on. Yes, the application you would use to talk to the server (the client) can be a browser-based app, but you need that to actually connect to a chat server.