Node list instead of list? DOM

So here is what I have in my HTML file.

Hello World

    <ul id="list">






So using Javascript and the DOM ı’m trying to log into the console the following
const lis = document.querySelectorAll(“li”);

console.log("This is the " + lis);

The result is: This is the [Object Nodelist]
Why can’t I see the list in the console?

What’s wrong with the console?

A querySelectorAll returns a NodeList that means it is a list(array like object). Try looping through all the elements of this! and then console logging the innerText of each element inside the loop


Also when I change
let heading = document.querySelector(“h1”);
console.log(heading); // this will show the h1 with hello text in it

heading.innerHTML = lis;

console.log(heading); // but this returns object nodelist

Thank you! I guess that’s another topic to learn lol

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just do

for(let i of document.querySelectorAll('li')){