NodeJS Technical Documentation Page - Feedback

Hi guys,

I have completed the technical documentation page:

Let me know what you think!

Thanks !

Looks good. I like the rounded corners on the code sections. Nice touch. Consider either having “menu” or an icon on mobile, both is redundant. Also on mobile, I would shorten the menu’s height. Great Job
Note: Check out Fontawesome’s website. You can link to them in your header, and get free access to a bunch of icons without embedding inline-svg.

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Add a smooth scroll with pure css or js so when you click each navigation links it won’t instantly jump to the target sections.


Thanks for the feedback. Would used just the menu icon then and consider using font-awesome instead of svg.

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great idea! Would look into how to implement smooth scroll.

Add footer in your page then it look more attractive.

You could also add a header So the user’s introduction the page is smoother. From a UX perspective.