Noob Patrol: Help resizing iframes

Hi there!
I know it’s not a new thing but I need some help with my portfolio challenge.
Now I have aligned one Iframe showing my tribute page and setup 3 iframes for 3 Youtube videos. I put some specific measures fot height and width and now I’d like to make it responsive so the iframes fit the mobile screens. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance.

Oh no, it’s a noob–what shall I ever do!

Just kidding, welcome to the forums :wink:

First off, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have your portfolio “example” pages loaded in an iframe. This will make visitors load several sites whenever they visit, and it really doesn’t add anything to let them explore those sites on your page. If a visitor wants to see that website, they can click a link or image to view it, and that will let them focus on viewing your work as a whole.

The videos are, of course, fine being embedded in an iframe. If you want to scale them easily, this website explains how: or maybe this one:

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Hey Isaac, I tried the first website you sent and it works perfectly! I’m also take your advice and switch the page for an image.

Thank you so much! :smiley:

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