Not able log Hello World to the console

I am unable to log “Hello World” to the console.
The challenge says “Modify the myApp.js file to log “Hello World” to the console.”
But, I am not able to locate myApp.js; also tried creating and putting console.log(“Hello World” ); which doesn’t logs any output.
Tried changing app.listen function also; commented “NodeJs is listening” and added console.log(“Hello World” ); Although, it logged now, but test still fails.

Link to the challenge:

Welcome to the forum @sanjiv.pradhan94
We might be better able to help you if you provide a link to your Glitch or maybe a code snippet to see what you’ve attempted.

Hi @caleb-mabry,
I added the code in server.js

var fs = require('fs');
var express = require('express');
console.log("Hello World");
var app = express();

When you are submitting the URL.
From Glitch:

  1. Press the share button
  2. Click live app
  3. Copy the top URL

Then submit that URL to pass the challenge. Looking here, you should be able to complete the challenge with what you have supplied.

Thanks Caleb, it worked !!!
I was using the Lesson 1’s Glitch link which didn’t had any myApp.js file in it.
Point Noted: New project has new Glitch link and project boiler plate code.

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