Not able to get passed Prevent Object Mutation

function freezeObj() {
  'use strict';
  const MATH_CONSTANTS = {
    PI: 3.14
  // Only change code below this line


  // Only change code above this line
  try {
  } catch(ex) {
const PI = freezeObj();

its not letting me move on?

I moved your question to a different topic. When you have questions about your own attempts to a challenge, please create a new topic. In fact, we have a link under Get Help (at the bottom of each challenge), where you can click Ask for Help. This will create a new topic on the forum and automatically add your attempted code, the challenge name, and challenge url .

Thank you.

it wouldn’t let me create another post

Remember that JavaScript is case-sensitive. You reference something named object, but there is no variable named object, so it errors out.

Look carefully at the example code. You currently have a small typo in your code.

Thank you I got it now