Not closing console window like preview window after pressing 'check your code'

I had a problem where after pressing ‘check your code’, no error message came in the ‘check your code section’ in Step 27 of Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures(Beta). I was not aware that we could not initialize and declare same variable in seperate lines because I thought it could be done in python. But the console window did show what syntax error I had in my code.

So my suggestion/simple solution is:
The website automatically closes the console window but it doesnt close the preview window while going to next task/step after completing the task. I have to open the console window every time. If console window was forced open every time while doing javascript code, then I could have easily seen the syntax error and fixed it. Or if it would not automatically close every step.

We have this issue here

But it looks like this feature might not be possible for mobile based on the recent comments.

There is still discussion around it so I don’t know where the team landed with this one