Not loosing Steps

Hello Dear,
I am quite new here and still figuring out how it works, but I have a big issue saving my done steps. I did steps till nr 12 hence after closing the programm now I see I lost all steps, how can I save nd keeping going forwards?

have you tried moving to the curriculum seeing where your progress is?
could be that it was saved but you came back to previous step and redid assignments again

You might need to sign out and back in more often. Depending on various internet security settings and/or extensions running, the session data in your browser might be getting cleared or corrupted.

I did it!
I came back to the start under "beginning’ as I realised all progress was deleted. Thx Muhammad! I will try to figured out how to save. I didnt save any curriculum I was wondering I should upload my professional CV as a professional IT, but I am a teacher . I will check out Cheers!

Second time I had to re start… I will pay attention thx!!!

Are you talking about the checkmarks or the editor code? The editor code is not saved, it is only saved for certification projects.

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