Not satisfied with Falsy Bouncer official solution

The Get a Hint solution to Falsy Bouncer is:

function bouncer(arr) {
    return arr.filter(Boolean);

However… arr.filter(Boolean) would also filter true values, therefor the solution provided by freeCodeCamp seems…lazy or incomplete.

I’m noticing the given solutions to many algorithm challenges are incorrect. This is extremely frustrating as a beginner who tries and tries, then turns to an official solution only to find it either doesn’t pass the challenge or wouldn’t pass under different tests.


It could be clearer. I guess they expect you to realize (or research) that by Boolean they mean a callback function that returns a boolean.

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It would keep true values as truthy, which is the point of the exercise, I’m not sure why you think it’s incorrect? Given an array of truthy and falsey values, arr.filter(Boolean) will keep the truthy values, by passing the function Boolean as the argument to filter

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