Not sure if I'm insane or a bug?

I was doing the Basic JS tutorial and up to section " Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions". I have written the correct answer but keeps giving me the error:

“reusableFunction should output “Hi World” to the dev console. You should call reusableFunction after you define it.”

Here’s the solution I gave (I even copied from the answer given in the hint):

function reusableFunction() {
  console.log("Hi World");

Can someone help me out here please?

function functionName() {
  console.log("Hello World");

This declares the function, which is correct. But you still need to call the function in a line below this.

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Thank you.

Right ok, it was just odd the solution was incorrect. So I got confused.
Thank you!

So he was right. You declared the function but you never called it.

you have to put


to call the function