Notebooks Unavailable: Python Data Analysis

I am working on the “Data Analysis with Python” certification. The instructor is using the “notebooks_” platform and is editing the jupyter notebooks and exercises that he has posted there.

However, when I go to the link and try to do that, I find that there is no option to create my own account, so I cannot edit the notebook. :frowning: There is only an option to log in, but no option to sign up.

How can I get around this problem? If anybody has a solution or wants to share their notebooks_ account with me, it will be much appreciated! :pray:

Link to the notebook:

Hello there,

Thank you, for reaching out. We are looking into this, and will hopefully have an update for you soon.

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I’m currently doing the Data Analysis with Python Course, and exercises and its solutions are supposed to be in this website (, which for whatever reason doesn’t accept new members (No sign up button).
You can still see the notebooks without a problem, but the solutions to the exercises are unavailable (Example)
Is there some kind of measure that was taken so that you can finish the course that I’m unaware of?
Thank you for your time in advance.

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I understand that this is hard. I was stunned at how signup button wasn’t available. Since I had already signed up, I tried logging in and noticed that they are shutting down soon - October 1st 2020

Link to their short blog post about the shutdown is here

In the mean time, I would recommend using the tons of other free services out there for Jupyter notebooks or even use the local one (Jupyeter Lab or notebook). Some free services that I know of are - , . And there are also many data sets out there to try out the things that you learn.

Some notebooks:

You can ping me if you have any questions about these :slight_smile:

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What about the solutions to the exercises?
Are the guys over at RMOTR going to release the .ipynb files so that we can check them, or what’s going to happen?

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I don’t know. Gotta reach out to them to know that

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Thanks for all the support. What a pity that they’re shutting down the site. It looked very decent and useful.

Today I have installed Anaconda on my computer (which comes with the jupyter notebook) so that I can do the same exercises locally. However, as @ayhon says, I hope they publish the solutions.

I was also wondering if I could learn the contents of this course by following a book or something written instead of following a video. Do you think this is a good book to get started?

As for the course overall, the quality of the materials and explanations is great. Thanks to the RMOTR team for giving me the opportunity to get into Data Science. :slight_smile:

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Not sure. I think someone else with more experience and who has read some books can pitch in :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your patience with this issue, we are coming up with a interim workaround and reaching out to the creators for the lesson for a proper resolution.


All the notebooks code is now accessible from GitHub.

This Google Sheet has links to all the notebooks and code you need for this course.


Hi! @beaucarnes. I’ve followed the link you gave but in the notebooks page I can’t do exercise. I can’t type or edit code in their exercise page. Is there any other option to do ?

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Hello, I don’t know what to do with the GitHub links.
I’ve never even used a file with that extension, let alone know what to do with it.
If you could add that to the course I wouldn’t get stuck for half an hour trying to make it work. (I couldn’t, even using google colab, the path for the folder namely “data” is unavailable)

Hi, i just started the second video and i have the same problems the people in the replies said. It is worth it for me to continue? There is more problems ahead?