Number 32 in BETA version of Responsive Web Design CSS basics

Hi, I believe there may be some improvements made to the instructions of this because I followed them and tried different combinations that deviated and still got the same answer:
“You should have 5 article elements”
Here are the 3 attempts I made, each pic shown in a seperate reply below since this forum is set to only allow 1 pic for new users. Not very user friendly if a point needs to be made with more imagery. The first pic is my attempt that followed the previous lesson 31 and it’s train of thought. The second pic followed the instructions of literally making 5 article elements which doesn’t really make sense to me yet, and the 3rd pic was to keep within the hint of having 5

elements but does not follow the directions to have product and price in two separate

elements like lesson 31.

have you tried creating five article elements?


the one you tried with this, the test response is not visible

if you have the same test response, line 34 may be the cause

Hi Ilenia, nice to see another non-binary person here! Yes, I also tried that. I show it in the 2nd pic. I checked line 35 there. Is there something I’m not seeing? Thank you for responding so quickly!

Oh and the 2nd pic is in a separate reply since I could only load one pic per reply since I needed to hack the new user rule. :slight_smile:

Hi again, for whatever reason, I tried it again and it works. Sometimes this happens, so I copy the code, reset the lesson code to it’s original state, and paste or retype everything and that seems to work. That is something I have noticed in both the stable version and this one. Even if things are correct, and there’s no typos, it will still read as an error often enough I need to reset the code or refresh the page.

line 34 in the second picture you have articel written

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Yes, I see the typo now! Thanks again.

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