Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game

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I’ve completed the number guessing game project and passsed as tests. However, the tick mark showing that step 1 is completed does not appear on the project page. As a result, I am unable to provide the github links to my files and claim certification. Any idea why this is happening?

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Challenge: Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game

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tagging @AdamZaczek for help.

Create a repository in GitHub:

Add these files:
Copy in these files what you created in the same files in the project.
Copy the repository link in Step 2 of the project.

This is for step 2. However, I’m not seeing the tick mark next to Step 1.

oh never mind I restarted my system, opened the project on CodeAlly once again. The tests ran fully and I clicked on enter. I think it is sorted now.

I thought you already completed Step 1.