Number Guessing Game - failure on 7th test, "If that username has been used before, it should print..."

Hey there,

Working on Number Guessing Game project for Relational Databases Cert.

Working on getting the script file completed.

I’m getting stuck on the 7th test "If that username has been used before, it should print ‘Welcome back…’

I’ve checked for grammatical errors on it several times, unsure of how else to solve this issue, I’ll link my project repo below.

I’m not entirely sure of what exactly the test is checking for, if it’s just for the response string being grammatically correct or the data being correct as well.

I’d appreciate some direction, or if someone has access to the tests could link that to me as well would be very helpful.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

I had some troubles with using your db dump to re-create the database. You might have used some different command for that than the suggested in instructions. Anyway I was able to make it work.

That part of the script seems to be correct. However your debug echos are confusing tests, removing them makes tests more accurate.

Sorry about the database dump.

I removed the debug echoes and still failing that test, is there anything else that you did to get it to work?

Well I figured out the issue, I removed all of my debug echoes.

I realized that my PSQL command’s user was ‘nslee333’ and not ‘freecodecamp’. I changed that reran the tests and they all successfully went through.

Thanks for the help Sanity <3