Number guessing game issue

Almost ready to pass, since I have gotten the green light on all but having 5 commits for this challenge, but there is an issue I have discovered. If the random number is only one or two digits, the tests for > and < give incorrect clues. Like the secret number is 77, and I guess 500, and the game tells me the secret number is higher than that, which it obviously is not. There needs to be a leading zero or two, I think. Would using sed and replacement work here, or am I stuck with lpad which requires casting to text?

You are on the right path to working through this one…this gave me a run as well

All done, with a very simple solution. Tripped up by those pesky alternate comparison operators. Thanks for not giving it away. Surprisingly, the tests for both those cases passed, even when the response was not the right one. Perhaps the test suite should be updated to catch that.

I’m having psql errors with my number guessing game project…would love to finish

See my post in the psql error thread. You might need to delete the project from codeally and restart it, AFTER saving your progress somewhere.

I got some help. Turns out my error was related to the global PSQL variable, when passed it through to the loop it got messy and resulted in breaking things.

Now I have to finish the rest of the challenges

Cool! Good luck and happy coding!