Nutrition label step 53

I’m having this same issue with the hint


Your first span element should wrap the text Cholesterol.

<p><span><span class='bold'>Cholesterol </span>0mg</span><span class='bold'> 0%</span></p>

This is what I have written so far

you have spaces in the wrong spots. The spaces should not be inside the spans but outside.
for eg:

you have a space to the immediate right of the word Cholesterol, inside the span
you should move that space so it is to the immediate right of the 0mg

same issue for the 0%

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I thought it was correct since the preview turned out like this

but I can’t seem to find where I went wrong. I tried retyping everything and trying to make mistakes so that i could get new hints however it goes back to the hint “Your first span element should wrap the text Cholesterol” after finishing all the other hints.

the test wants you to correct the spaces.
So I would do that.

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Been staring at it for the past hour thought I was going no where hahhaa. It worked thank you so much!!!

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