Object destructuring

hi guys, i’m trying to understand object destructuring

if i have

const people = {
id: 1,
firstName: ‘john’,
lastName: ‘Doe’,
age: 35

const { id, firstName, lastName, age } = person;
console.log(id, firstName,lastName,age);

i get the output:
// 1 John Doe 35

but what if i want

id: 1
firstName: John
lastName: Doe
age: 35

using only spread/rest operators?

const { id, firstName, lastName, age } = person;

Is the same as

const id = person.id;
const firstName = person.firstName;
const lastName = person.lastName
const age = person.age;

So, no, you can’t do that, destructing is for pulling values out. As it is, the thing you’re asking for is essentially what you have already: you can just do console.log(people) (or console.log(JSON.stringify(people)))

this is the exercise trace -.-

I’m not sure what you mean

the exercise say:

Use destructuring to print the list of property values ​​present in person:

result must be (string):

id: 1
firstName: John
lastName: Doe
age: 35

can you give a link to the exercise or copy and paste the instructions?

this is the blank exercise:

i need to replace the for loop with destructuring Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Well, you can’t do that from just destructing – destructuring assigns a set of variables, and they have arbitrary names. You can’t get the name of a variable from a variable, that can’t possibly work.

You can get the values, and write them out, like

const myObject = {
  foo: 1,
  bar: 2,

const { foo, bar } = myObject;

  foo: ${foo}
  bar: ${bar}

Although that seems a little pointless.

You can’t really replace a loop with destructuring, they’re not equivalent things.

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Try this, might work
function printKeyVal(obj){

for(var [key, value] of Object.entries(obj)){

console.log(key +": "+value);



const person = {

id: 1,

firstName: ‘Mario’,

lastName: ‘Rossi’,

age: 25



I guess this is maybe what the OP’s task wants them to do? That’s the only thing that makes sense here afaics