Object.freeze not needed

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In this challenge you are going to use Object.freeze to prevent mathematical constants from changing. However, adding Object.freeze results in [TypeError: “PI” is read-only]. The current working solution is simply click “Run the Tests” with zero edits.

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function freezeObj() {
  PI: 3.14
// Only change code below this line
// Only change code above this line
try {
} catch(ex) {
const PI = freezeObj();
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Challenge: Prevent Object Mutation

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If you do this, you will not pass all tests for the challenge. You need to add the freeze.

Here, this says to try to change MATH_CONSTANTS and print out the error message if changing the value of PI was successfully prevented. Seeing a message that PI was not changed is a good thing.

The code I posted shows the use of Object.freeze

Right, but the original code does not have the freeze, so you can’t just

I think I get it. Because you put it in a try/catch, it looks like I’m getting an error. If this is true, this must cause a lot of confusion since the output changes immediately.

Yeah, the error message is confusing. I’m not sure why we didn’t change it to a ‘failed successfully’ message.

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