Object Oriented Programming - Use Inheritance So You Don't Repeat Yourself

im having trouble understanding supertype
i cant see where in the code do *Bear and *Cat get their -Animal- inheritance

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function Cat(name) {   // if cat instance-object is created here
  this.name = name;   // does this function contain the prototype of -Animal?  if so, how do you difference it from any other constructor that doesn't has it

Cat.prototype = {    // here it calls for it's prent above (?
  constructor: Cat,   // and checks if the parent is Cat (?

//  i assume they now have the "eat" method but I dont understand where have they inherited it 

function Bear(name) {
  this.name = name;

Bear.prototype = {
  constructor: Bear,

function Animal() { }  // so this function is the supertype, it is a constructor right (?  therefore an object

Animal.prototype = {   // here it seams to be calling the prototype of the funcion animal which is an object (?) 
  constructor: Animal,   // here it says it was created by the function above "Animal"
   eat: function() {     // assigns the method to the object
    console.log("nom nom nom");

// thank you for your time 

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Challenge: Object Oriented Programming - Use Inheritance So You Don’t Repeat Yourself

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I believe the next two challenges cover it.

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