Obsessing the Whys

I am new-ish to free code camp, but previously earned my BA in informtation technology. I am currently on the second codepen example (build a personal portfolio), i am really having a hard time understanding a few things that I previously learned so I am reaching out.

  1. Why is there no body tag in the codepen examples ( It has been a few years since i completed my degree program did i miss something here?)
  2. Everything ive learned in my degree program and even going through the course here has Html tags like: <h2> example </h2> but as soon as i start looking at codepen there are no tags like above, why?
    One more question that i thought about while going through this course
  3. Bootstrap- when i first started this section it said something about happening behind the scenes, but im the kind of gal that needs to understand it all, is there source code that i can look at to make everything come whole for me?

I love what you all have done with this coding experience for me. My degree program left me feeling like i didn’t learn anything because i only learned peice’s and that wasn’t enough for me.

CodePen is handling this for you. Everything that you put in the HTML section is put into the body tag. Similarly, CodePen handles linking your CSS and JavaScript for you. I suggest exporting the .zip file from CodePen to see how the actual project would be composed. It might help connect the dots for you.

It starts you off with only the body tag. If you want a header, you add the <h2> example </h2> yourself. Then you’ll see the results render in the preview window.

The official Bootstrap documentation is very good.

And yes, you can look at the source code on GitHub: