Older woman and programming jobs?

I’m getting older, 47 years old now. I’ve been busy raising a family in the last fifteen years or so while my husband earned what we needed. And now I’ve started learning programming which I was hoping to earn an income doing one day if I can keep learning new in this field without getting too bored too soon. But I’m not entirely sure where to look for jobs and what to expect? Because of my age and the types of jobs I’ve had in the past I don’t take shit from a lot of people which means I won’t put up with too poor working conditions, bigotry or too low morals. I really like unions and I don’t think predatory management types are my kind of people. And of course when I read some types of very edgy job adds it makes me wonder if I should actually work from home instead, maybe working with something related to IT security even though I’m not sure what that really means yet. But which types of freelance programming jobs are there out there? And if I want to move from basic programming skills and a few earned certificates to something involving advanced security, what am I looking at? I still have obligations at home that takes more time than most parents so something like an engineering degree won’t be possible.


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To get an idea of what freelance jobs are in demand, and even to post for freelance work, you may wish to check out some sites like upwork.com. There are others sites, too, if you research freelance programming jobs, or responsive web design freelance jobs, or whatever type of freelance job you are looking for @ Eca.

Have you seen Quincy’s complete book
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You really can do this!

Commitment is what it takes to get where you want to be.

Suggestions for help and inspiration:
Check out the freeCodeCamp You Tube Channel, and the Podcasts, along with participating within the forum.

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First you need to be clear if you want to go into software/ web development, or into cyber security. Both have overlaps, but different training and job requirements.

To put it very simple: In development you are building apps like the ones you are using on your phone. In this case web development is easier to get into (still not an easy job).

In cyber security you are the frontier against cyber criminals.You will protect software and networks against their attacks, or advice consumers how they can use the internet without getting scammed .

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Hi there! I’m soon to be 57. I mainly want to address the age issue.

I began learning to code using FreeCodeCamp and other resources a while back after taking a 13-year break from the working world to homeschool my daughter. I have continued to do so while working. That was a big part of what allowed me to move up from doing call center technical support to being a support engineer and now a solutions engineer. My current employer came looking for me, recruiting me via LinkedIn.

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL in my work. It isn’t the sort of thing that would lend itself to part-time or freelance work, but it’s a great job. My age hasn’t been a detriment in the least.

Good luck!


Hi Eca,

I’m in the same boat as you. 43 yr old woman and just starting to learn programming because I want to change careers. I figure I’ll start with JavaScript. I don’t have any advice on job hunting as I’m not there yet. But I’m here for learning motivation! What are you learning right now?


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