On click doesn't work

Hi guys, I’m trying to make an image changer using Javascript
and there’s always that error in the console

main.js:50 Uncaught ReferenceError: i is not defined at HTMLImageElement.myImage.onclick (main.js:50)

Here’s my HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>

                hello world
    <img src="1.jpg" alt="myimage"  >
        <script src="main.js"> 

and this is Javascript code

let myImage= document.querySelector('img');
myImage.onclick= function ()
    let mysrc= myImage.getAttribute('src');

Hi Ola,

It looks like the copy paste of your JS code didn’t work, can you try it again please :slight_smile: ?

oh I’m sorry I’ll try posting it again

I’ve updated it just now …

No problem ;),

Is that all your code ?
I am beginner but for the little I know the problem come from this part :


What is i.jpg ? I guess you wanted yo use a counter that become “1.jpg”, “2.jpg” etc. But none is declared. Furthermore I am not sure il would work like this. Maybe you should try to put “.jpg” between quote marks and concatenate it with i.

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Back tracking to what Meditsh stated, JS is trying to look for the property i.jpg, you would need to wrap it in quotes if you are trying to compare against a string, or concatenate the i, if it’s a counter to the string “jpg”. If it’s the second issue, I would recommend using template string literals instead, as it’s easier to read and understand.


Wow I didn’t even notice that I wrote “i” instead of 1 …thanks alot!