One button dropdown menu instead of a navigation bar

Hi Everyone!,
I have been working in my portfolio challenge. however, i have been unable to figure out how to create a one-button dropdown menu i can fix on the right part of the page with access to parts of the page. any ideas? thanks!

  • Hanif

If you are using Bootstrap, you can use their dropdown component:


Thanks! I will get right to it :grin:

@JacksonBates is spot on with that suggestion. All you have to do is go to their site and browse around, it will show you what all you need to link to in order to create the functionality of a drop down menu within bootstrap.

@michaelhenderson many thanks for that suggestion. the only problem i encountered was the dropdown menu wasnt working on codepen. so i opted for navigation bars. i couldnt get any help from gitter. perhaps, i will give it another shot much later. thanks again

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Did you include the bootstrap.js file on codepen?

Also, I really like this bootstrap cheatsheet. It’s for bootstrap 4 so some of the functionality won’t work for bootstrap 3, but most of it is the same.

through the settings? yeah. i followed Quincy"s instruction to include the bootstrap link in order to use it. the only thing that wouldnt work when tested was the dropdowns and i dont know why!

Share your codepen link and we can check.

Did you include the bootstrap JS file, and the jquery above it?

here it is.

i didnt include the jquery though. im a little confused. perhaps, you can explain further. im sure its a rookie mistake (im a rookie :sweat_smile:

i get your drift now. i completely forgot to add the jquery file

No problem friend, that’s why I am here :slight_smile: