One last section( I guess the hardest one)+one projects section remaining

Really wish I can persist through the next certifications and all too. I came back to freecodecamp 9 months after finishing my first certification. If I had continued I would probably have completed all by now. I don’t want it to be this way this time around. I really hope that I persist through the next certifications and all too. :pray:

Hi @ankurchaulagain !

A lot of people focus on how long it will take to complete the certifications.

But you have to remember that it is not about how quickly you rack up certifications.
The goal is to really learn the material.

I have seen people whiz through the curriculum and still not know that material.

It takes as long as it needs to take.
Just focus on the learning not the time. :grinning:

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Yes the thing is that once things start getting hard which was the case last time when I began Javascript and was in the middle of the ES6 section I was lazy to go and put the effort thus kept postponing it. I have struggled with it that is laziness doing hard stuff. These days I have a commitment, I put timer on my phone and code minimum of 1 hour. If I feel like then I do one more hour too(which has thankfully been the case, most of time this time around). Hope I continue the habit.

I feel like a lot of people struggle to learn javascript.
Especially, if it is their first programming language.

I struggled with the javascript section and react sections.
It took a lot of time and practice to start to feel comfortable with the material.

I think a schedule of minimum 1 hour a day is good. :grinning:
Just keep asking questions in the forum like you have been when you need help with a challenge.

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You mean you found the react section in the Front end libraries certification difficult?

I am really enjoying the Javascript algorithm challenges, it is when I have to search for things on my own that it was a struggle like for example when they mention methods and don’t give an explanation for it like for example I just realized when revisiting the ES6 section for a piece of code that reduce was introduced there without explanation. There were something things in the OOP and Functional Programming section that seemed intimidating at first but got comfortable with it with time.

Hope the upcoming certifications won’t be that difficult even if it is then still doable with a bit of effort.

I found react and redux a while to get used to.

I would recommend reading through the docs in addition to the lessons.
That is what helped with me.

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