One of my a (Work) link isn't accurate

Tell us what’s happening:

My work - a link isn’t accurate. I managed to solve the two other links by using a pseudo code that I found in the internet.

If i use the normal way (without the pseudo for work) its the same.

I want it to be like this image:

and the problem now is this, the navigation bar is in the way and its not on top of the word these are my projects:

Need help, I can’t move on to my contact page because of this.

Your code so far

The code is in here >

Try changing the view to > Debug mode. Since the full view in codepen is messing up the design.

I don’t understand.
Are your links not working?
Are your top navigation bar in a wrong position?

You need to be a little more precise.
People here want to help, we are friendly bunch, but a lot of us don’t have time for questions like: “My code is not working”.

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