How To Get Help When You Are Stuck Coding

When you get stuck, remember: Read-Search-Ask.

  1. Read the documentation or error
  2. Search Google
  3. Ask your friends for help

This is the most time-efficient way to handle being stuck, and it’s the most respectful of other people’s time, too.

Most of the time, you’ll solve your problem after just one or two steps of this algorithm.

And remember - you can create a new thread here on the forum with your question and you’ll often get a response quite quickly.


pls how do i reference in code pen from folder plssss


How can I introduce the image and the text in the sume box???


very easy, You can just, try different pic,
,<img class=“smaller-image thin-red-border img-responsive center” src=“”
alt"This is from google search">

I don’t why just suddenly appear those pic
I try those


hello i just want to taste how this method works thank you

Give some text here

tribute page
Review please -

Hello everyone I had tried to make a project in which

1.  I get the image png ( Here New Delhi,IN)
2.  I get the temperature
           2.1 IMD weather station locally (Current)
           2.2 Can be get from Darksky API
3 Used an library for Inverse distance weighting and convex hull polygon
4 Plot the image showing GIS Temperature Image .

Link -

Kindly some experienced developer could give me

1  Constructive Feedback
2  Adding New technology
3  Additional resources
4  Extra feature addition
5  Any new idea or comment WELCOMED
Thank you

Mail -


is there anyone here that can help me with my navbar brand… been trying to add an image or log I created myself to the navbar but all I keep getting back is a box with a question mark in it. I’ve also have the logo saved in an images folder on my desktop


I guess this caption you are talking about. You can add caption to your images:

This is a caption/text below the image you are taking about


My Page’s each element is responsive except the main image. I tried img-responsive class but it won’t work. Please let me know how to solve it.

Here’s the url -


Hi, this is my tribute page assignment. Feel free to critique.


I think you can get a better result by changing your main-image css.

You can change width from 1000px to 100% so it will take all the space available from the parent element.
And put your margin-left to 0 and you should get something better.

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Great Job you did it!
I did it today too.
It only took me 7 hours to build it.


I did it Take a look and also like.


Hi everyone!

Here is my tribute page. Any feedback/criticism you can provide is much appreciated.




Hello, how do I upload pictures to my pen for my tribute page? There isn’t an upload button anywhere nor a folder list. How do I add the img tag? ?

Thank you.


Very nice! How did you get the CSS to match the example - did you get it from the source directly? Nice tribute.

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Here is the link to my tribute page - feedback is welcome!


Good Job!!!
did you add it to facebook?

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Very nice. I like the padding color, the orange and black.

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