What should I do when I can't solve the problem

So I’m going through the basic javascript section at the moment and I’m up at 94 / 113 and I honestly feel ashamed that I can’t remember too much so I went through it again from the beginning and now I’m back here and still feel like I don’t remember much but that’s off-topic, what I’m trying to ask is what do you guys recommend doing when you can’t solve the problem I’ve been going about 10 questions back climbing up then trying to solve the question and it’s worked all the way up until this point where I’ve been struggling for over 1 hour

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You do what everyone else does. You try your best to figure it out on your own using your own brain and the vast amount of information you have at your fingertips and if that doesn’t work then you ask someone else for help. If you are at that point then don’t be afraid to ask your question here. There are plenty of people who are willing to help.


HI @Tom5 !

Most people go through this when learning programming for the first time.
You have to remember that you have only been introduced to the concepts a couple of times.
You haven’t had enough time and practice for these concepts to stick.

When you are going through this section, aim for a basic understanding.
Not a complete and total in depth understanding.

Some concepts you will get right away, while others will take time to understand.
The more you practice, and the more different types of problems you solve, the better you will understand the material.

Try to solve it on your own first.
Do some research on the topic.
Then you can come to the forum and ask for help.
When asking for help, make sure to include details on what the issue is what parts of the challenge you don’t understand.

It sounds like you are somewhere around maybe record collection?
Or maybe recursion.

If you are somewhere in that area, that last part trips a lot of people up.
It is completely normal to struggle there.

Hope that helps!


I was learning basic of Javascript since January but I didnt finished it yet.In my opinion, Javascripts was one of most easylanguage of programme .
But it required consitent learning.

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