Completed challenges but still have to google everything

tl;dr I still have to google everything. Is there an easy way to reference the completed challenges

I’ve completed the basic HTML and CSS challenges and I’m currently at the Responsive Web Design Projects.
Now I found out that even the simplest things, I didn’t remember.
I think that’s to be expected after completing a simple task and then just hurrying on to the next challenge.
But what I struggle the most with is finding the where in the courses I learned a specific thing.
For example in the product landing page there is requirement for a <nav> tag and a bar with a fixed position. And I’m like “I’VE DONE THIS” , and I look back at the challenges with all the tick marks and wonder … where the heck did I this.

I now spend a lot of time at
In the end I git cloned the complete freecodecamp code base and use the global search option in vscode to search for tags.

There’s gotta be a better way.

HI @rghvdberg !

First and foremost, you are always going to have to google.
Developers look things up all of the time.
That is completely normal.

You have to remember that you were only exposed to these concepts once.
Or maybe twice.

It is completely understandable that you would forget most things.
It happens to all of us.

The only way you are going to start to remember more of these concepts is through continually practice.

I remember when I was first starting to learn git and I couldn’t remember any of the commands.

But now, alot of the commands are just on autopilot for me because of my work with projects and github.

The same will happen for you.

The more you start to build the more you will remember.

It is impossible to remember everything.
Using google is just fine. :grinning:


You are right @jwilkins.oboe :grinning:

Also freeCodeCamp give us some tips when we got stuck. See this :arrow_down:

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