I am getting difficult to remember all the challenges I passed. how you take the course?

Hello, friends how you pass the freecodecamp challenge. I am getting difficult to remember all the challenges I passed. how you take the course. do you take note?
is it necessary to take not on every challenge?

you don’t need to memorise everything, you can return back to old challenges or even search on documentation (for example devdocs.io ) if you don’t remember something.
It is part of being a programmer to research stuff, often if not always

about taking notes, it depends on how you better assimilate new notions. do what is better for you


I used to take notes as I went along with challenges, but that was mostly to “digest” the information, not to store them for later use.

I’m going back to the challenge whenever I feel like I need to review, and even though the content is still exactly the same, I find that you get to understand them with widened perspective and learn new things that I hadn’t noticed at the first run-through.

Often the challenges that are difficult to wrap your head around on first try, become easier and start to make sense on revisit.


I solved all algorithms challenged some years ago and recently I wanted to test myself and go through them with my current level of knowledge. When I solved them for the first time I actually struggled a lot but this time I went through them so easy. I even forgot what those challenges were about. The only struggle I had was with that smallest common multiple challenge even tho I solved that one with prime numbers before. For some reason this challenge was confusing to me. The thing is you don’t need to memorize, if you learn new stuff from practice or new tutorials and you keep coding when you go back you will just know how to solve them cause you get some experience of problem solving. The more you practice the more methods you keep in mind and you know what you need to use in order to solve a problem. Even if you forgot the syntax it doesn t matter as long as you figure what you need to apply to solve those problems. At first when I started I felt overwhelmed by all methods in Javascript for arrays, objects and strings but then when I started working more I learned the most common used ones in no time since I had to work with them a lot.

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Developer that writes a code that will be erased in future doesn’t write anything, I cannot stress enough how it’s important to save and keep back referencing your code. Whenever I have couple free days I’ll research what could be done to implement saving challenges to your github repo - it’s definitely doable

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