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I’m confused as to what needs to be done for this project. I’m stuck on the first topic going down to the last one, to complete the solution. I just got here today, after watching the videos on how to complete the other challenges when I got stuck, but noticed this one doesn’t have a video to help make a tribute page. How do I create a tribute page?

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  • Objective: Build a app that is functionally similar to this:
  • Fulfill the below user stories and get all of the tests to pass. Give it your own personal style.
  • You can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to complete this project. Plain CSS is recommended because that is what the lessons have covered so far and you should get some practice with plain CSS. You can use Bootstrap or SASS if you choose. Additional technologies (just for example jQuery, React, Angular, or Vue) are not recommended for this project, and using them is at your own risk. Other projects will give you a chance to work with different technology stacks like React. We will accept and try to fix all issue reports that use the suggested technology stack for this project. Happy coding!
  • User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id="main" , which contains all other elements.
  • User Story #2: I should see an element with a corresponding id="title" , which contains a string (i.e. text) that describes the subject of the tribute page (e.g. “Dr. Norman Borlaug”).
  • User Story #3: I should see a div element with a corresponding id="img-div" .
  • User Story #4: Within the img-div element, I should see an img element with a corresponding id="image" .
  • User Story #5: Within the img-div element, I should see an element with a corresponding id="img-caption" that contains textual content describing the image shown in img-div .
  • User Story #6: I should see an element with a corresponding id="tribute-info" , which contains textual content describing the subject of the tribute page.
  • User Story #7: I should see an a element with a corresponding id="tribute-link" , which links to an outside site that contains additional information about the subject of the tribute page. HINT: You must give your element an attribute of target and set it to _blank in order for your link to open in a new tab (i.e. target="_blank" ).
  • User Story #8: The img element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.
  • User Story #9: The img element should be centered within its parent element.
  • You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like: .
  • Once you’re done, submit the URL to your working project with all its tests passing.
  • Remember to use the Read-Search-Ask method if you get stuck.

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There are lots of ways to make a tribute page.

To pass the tests you only need to make sure you have covered each point. Start with forking or creating a new codepen and adding the JS library…

Take a look at the example, it doesn’t have to look that link but should give you a starting point.

Alright. So, when it comes to the first code, I get completely lost. I have HTML and HTML5 along with CSS saved on my flash drive, the notes from them, and I forgot where the first code goes under, and I have so many codes saved, that it’s all confusing to me right now.

Well, let’s take this one step at a time. This isn’t a follow along you need to be able to create a page based on the lessons before. I can try to walk you through some steps though.

Go ahead and create your code pen.
When creating an html page, where do you start?

When creating an html page…hmm…sorry, I forgot how to. I might need to go back and look at my notes I have saved on my flash drive.

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Okay at this point…I would suggest going back and doing the html lessons over. If you feel you don’t understand…it’s hard to go past this point if you don’t have the knowledge.

I suggest perhaps branching out a bit…here are a few resources you can try:

You should be able to create a page based on a set of user stories, no matter how vague. If you can’t even remember how to start a webpage at this point…spend the time doing some extra…

You can do this. :smiley:

I have one of my notes pulled up, and I have the intro as saying put in an < h1 > and then something after it, like a title or something like that, and close with < / h1 >. Is that right?

I’m stuck as well.

Can we pick a topic / person to pay tribute to, or does it have to be the same person as in the example?

You can pick any subject that interests you. Please don’t make it the same person as the example.

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Thank you Chuck. I ended up doing what some others were doing; & hit Udemy before coming back on. I am glad I can pick anyone I want for my tribute. It would be way less fun to have to write one about someone I had never even heard of before.