Open angular form from

I appreciate help,
i wote in 2012:

<ul style="PADDING: 10px 0px;">
 			<li class="listCats selected"><a href="/Customers/Downloads.aspx">הורדת קבצים</a></li>
			<li class="listCats"><a href="/Customers/DownloadVersions.aspx">הורדת גרסת מערכת</a></li><%--698709--%> <!--Response.Redirect("http://localhost:4200/HargalKriaClient?FirstName=" & FirstName & "&LastName=" & LastName & "&CompanyName=" & companyName)-->
            <li class="listCats"><a href="/Customers/Archive.aspx">ארכיון קבצים</a></li>
			<li class="listCats"><a href="/Customers/Support.aspx">פתיחת קריאה</a></li>
           <%-- <li class="listCats"><a href="http://localhost:4200/HargalKriaClient?FirstName=<%=FirstName%>">פתיחת קריאה</a></li>"good--%>

            <%--<li class="listCats"><a href="http://localhost:4200/HargalKriaClient?FirstName=<%=FirstName%> + &LastName=<%=LastName%> + &CompanyName=<%=CompanyName%>"  target="_blank">פתיחת קריאה - חדש</a></li>--%><!--1005694 good-->
            <li class="listCats"><a href="http://localhost:4200/HargalKriaClient?FirstName=<%=Session("FirstName")%> + &LastName=<%=Session("LastName")%> + &CompanyName=<%=Session("companyName")%>"  target="popup" ,"width=600","height=400">פתיחת קריאה - חדש</a></li><!--1005694 -->


I want that the last sentane, in last <li> wull open form anfular independent form,
now the form opend in new tab.
thank in advance

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